The Goal

NewEra is split into more than 150 villages. Whenever a horde sees a village they proceed to attack it. You have to defend your kingdom's villages and destroy the hordes before they can do any damage.

How to Play

Satoshi Monsters is divided into multiple game modes. At moment we only have one of them available. It's called "Farm Mode".

To play this mode, your first step is to acquire a team of towers. They can be bought via the marketplace. After that you have to control their energy, placing them at rest or playing them at the field, in order to optimize their strength.

One of the other games will have different gameplay.

At the beginning of the game, you will get to choose one type of element and three towers of that type. Each element changes a lot in gameplay and how you need to play with your towers in order to optimize them, over time you will be able to equip up to eight types of towers in your deck.

This mode will have a big strategy factor with little luck influence.

More info about the new games soon

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