👨‍💻 Team and Contact

Satoshi Monsters has a very experienced team of programmers, let's meet them!

Carlos Alberto

He started programming more than 20 years ago, from an early age he participated and developed with crypto communities, currently, he is one of the key people behind Faucetbox.io.

Dener Santos

He has been working as a designer for many years, he is a specialist in game animations and SPINE, in addition to his enormous talent he is a professional MMA fighter, we feel much safer with him around.

Jorge Santos

Jorge is a Maths major, helps us mainly in building economic algorithms, is currently responsible for the development of the Lands system

Higor Quinto

Higor is responsible for the core of the game, he currently lives in another state, despite the distance Higor was a great addition to the team.

Rafael Dutra

Rafa is responsible for customer service, he also controls our social networks.

Roger Silva

Roger is our head of marketing, he is also responsible for controlling internal tasks.

To get in touch or if you want to send your resume to fill a vacancy, please use the email gamesatoshimonsters@gmail.com.

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