🗺️Farm Lands

Lands were originally designed for history mode, but with our users in mind, we assigned them to farm mode. The concept is the same, whenever a player joins a map, a random land is assigned. Whenever the player finished the map a certain % of the player's profit is given to the land's owner.

Lands are the best way to get passive SSM, you don't need to be logged in and the bigger the number of players the more gains you will have.

Main Characteristics of Normal Lands on FARM MODE

  • Incoming is 10% for any game created in your land

EPICS Land Main Features

  • The user gets 2.3 times more reward SSM, therefore your profit is bigger

  • Incoming varies in a range near to 18% for any game created in your land

Once more, it's important to refer that these earnings are PASSIVE income. You don't need to be online to get the % obtained by your land.

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