🗼Farm Towers

In this mode towers are simplified. Whenever you unlock a tower, they come with a set of attributes and possibly some skills. The main features of a tower are:

Damage - Measures the damage a tower does per attack;

Speed - Measures the attack frequency of a tower;

Range - Measures the maximum range of a tower;

Fuel - Measures the number of attacks a tower can do before needs maintenance;

Hit - The number of hits a tower can do simultaneously;

These stats increase as the rarity goes higher. We have these 6 tiers of towers (from lowest to higher);

D = Normal - 80.05% Drop Rate C = Rare - 13.40% Drop Rate B = Epic - 4.10% Drop Rate A = Super Epic - 1.38% Drop Rate S = Legend - 0.77% Drop Rate SS = Super Legend - 0.30% Drop Rate

It will be possible to upgrade towers by destroying a tower and using some SSM, improving the burning system

Tower Stats

Assuming the stats above as an example, we can take the following conclusions

  • Each hit of a tower does 0.5 damage of life to a monsters

  • Tower attacks with a frequency of 1 attack per second

  • The attack range of a tower is 1.4 * 150

  • This tower has enough fuel to throw 1.1 * 500 attacks

There is also the miss factor of a tower. This means a tower can fail some shots. That number is calculated based on the number of enemies and map positions.

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